Poster presentation, at Grand Hotel in Stockholm, January 2013.

This project will be running 2013-2015 and is financed by Stiftelsen Marcus och Amalia Wallenbergs Minnesfond. The project is a result of a cooperation within CCL.

The project will implement and evaluate a model for training writing for school children with typical linguistic development and for children with linguistic development on different conditions. In the project we use keystroke logging and peer observation. The project is financed by Stiftelsen Marcus och Amalia Wallenbergs Minnesfond. Huvudsökande är Birgitta Sahlén, Avdelningen för logopedi, foniatri och audiologi, Lund University

Children with different linguistic development (e.g. multilingual children, or children with hearing impairment or deafness) do often have problems with their reading and writing development, and because of this they have problems to meet the demands of a good written communication that is today asked by both school and professional life. Today there are few research studies that investigate how the development of writing can be stimulated during the later school years (from year 4 and upwards). This is a period where the children need to master different genres: e.g. narratives, expositories and argumentative texts. This project aims at developing and evaluating a model for training writing. We will train and compare children with and without hearing impairment in year 5 (11–12-year-olds). When the model is evaluated it will be implemented and tested in 10 school classes in year 4-6. The focus of the model lies in developing the written product and process in personal narratives. Important research questions are: How is cognitive ability related to writing product and writing process? Are some children more helped by the model than others? What role does mono-/bilingualism and hearing play?

The project is led by Birgitta Sahlén (professor in Logopedics). Co-workers are Victoria Johansson (PhD in Linguistics), Lena Asker-Àrnason (PhD in Logopedics), Emily Grenner (PhD student), Viktoria Åkerlund (research assistant) and Joost van de Weijer (PhD in Linguistics).

Johansson, V. Asker-Árnason, L., Grenner, E. & Sahlén B. (2013) Öka skrivlusten! Tangentbordsloggning och kamratobservation – nya verktyg för textskapande hos barn. Marcus och Amalia Wallenbergs Stiftelse. Stockholm 2013-01-16.