The definition of a CCL member is either being a Project Investigator (PI), financed by CCL and/or persons who are active in CCL project research teams.

Centre for Language and Literature, Linguistics and Phonetics

Annika Andersson, Researcher, Humanities Lab, Homepage

Marianne Gullberg, Professor, Humanities Lab, Homepage

Jenny Hartman, Postdoc, English linguistics, Homepage

Merle Horne, Professor, Linguistics and Phonetics, Homepage

Victoria Johansson, Researcher, Humanities Lab, Homepage

Simone Löhndorf, PhD student, General Linguistics, Homepage

Carita Paradis, Professor, English linguistics, Homepage

Susanne Schötz, Researcher, Humanities Lab, Homepage

Susan Sayehli, Researcher, General Linguistics, Homepage

Mikael Roll, Researcher, Linguistics and Phonetics, Homepage

Joost van de Weijer, Humanities Lab Homepage

Department of Psychology

Kristina Borgström, PhD, Homepage

Andreas Falck, PhD

Mikael Johansson, Professor, Homepage

Roger Johansson, Researcher, Homepage

Magnus Lindgren. Professor

Johan Mårtensson, PhD

Sverker Sikström, Professor

Department of Cognitive Science

Richard Andersson, PhD, Homepage

Christian Balkenius, Professor, Homepage

Agneta Gulz, Professor, Homepage

Peter Gärdenfors, Professor, Homepage

Magnus Haake, PhD, Homepage

Åsa Harvard, PhD, Homepage

Jana Holsanova, Associate Professor, Homepage

Magnus Johnsson, Researcher, Homepage

Tobias Mahlmann, Postdoc, Homepage

Jens Nirme, PhD student, Homepage

Stefan Winberg, PhD student, Homepage


Department of Clinical Sciences, Logopedics, Phoniatrics and Audiology

Lena Asker-Árnasson, Researcher, Homepage

Jonas Brännström, Researcher, Homepage

Siri de Geer, Research assistant

Emelie Grenner, PhD student,

Kristina Hansson,  Associate Professor

Ketty Holmström, PhD

Tina Ibertsson, Lecturer

Viveka Lyberg-Åhlander, Postdoc, Homepage

Anders Löfqvist, Professor, Homepage

Karolina Löwgren, PhD student, Homepage

Birgitta Sahlén, Professor, Homepage

Olof Sandgren, PhD, Homepage

Viktoria Åkerlund, Researcher


Department of Experimental Medical Science, Neuroscience Section

Germund Hesslow, Professor, Homepage

Dan-Anders Jirenhed, Researcher, Homepage

Fredrik Johansson, PhD, Homepage

Anders Rasmussen, PhD, Homepage