Thinking in Time: Cognition, Communication and Learning (CCL) was a multidisciplinary and cross-faculty research environment, focusing on the role of timing in cognitive function during a 10-year period 2008-2018. CCL brought together 40 researchers, post docs and PhD students from:

The research work in CCL took place in the above mentioned departments and some in the associated  Lund University Humanities Lab

In 2008, CCL was awarded ten years funding from the Swedish Research Council as part of its Linnaeus program to promote strong research environments. CCL was jointly funded by the Swedish Research Council and Lund University.  CCL had a steering committee with representatives of the  PIs, one senior researcher representative, a PhD student representative and two administrative staff. The steering committe had continuous support on administrative issues from a reference group of experienced research leaders. An advisory board of internationally renowned researchers assisted on research matters.

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The CCL logotype and related material

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