April 24-26, we are happy to present a CCL symposium at the Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art (Skissernas museum) here in Lund. Information and programme can be found at delegia.com/CCL_symposium.

Keynote speakers and titles of their talks:

Linda Smith,  Indiana University, Bloomington, USA
The data in time and infant statistical learning: The multi-scale structure of everyday experience

Pankaj Sah, University of Queensland, Australia
Partial Reinforcement in Learning

Mairead Macsweeney, University College London, United Kingdom
Language, Cognition and the Brain: Insights from deafness and sign language

Gustaf Gredebäck, Uppsala University, Sweden
Infant’s actions broaden their mind, examples from social perception, executive control and the development of mathematics.

Antonia Hamilton, University College London, United Kingdom
Neurocognitive mechanisms of human social interaction

Eric Pakulac, University of Oregon/Stockholm
It’s About Time: Cognitive Neuroscience, Education, and Inequality

Kia Nobre, Oxford Centre for Human Brain Activity, United Kingdom
Temporal structure in cognition.

Ping Li, Center for Language Science, PennState, USA
Understanding the language learning brain with cyberenabled  approaches and computational methods.Penn State University