CCL members in the Noice-Voice group : Sahlén, Åhlander, Brännström, Haake mfl received a four-year grant of four million Swedish kronor from the Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg Foundation for the project:

Teaching and learning in diverse and noisy class-rooms: Taking knowledge from the lab to implementation in teacher education

Children’s comprehension and learning is severely challenged by adverse listening conditions that can be assigned to a range of external and internal factors. They may pertain to the source signal (i.e. speakers’ speech rate, voice), interfering noise during sound transmission and children’s listening (hearing, cognitive or linguistic) limitations. Studies on the interaction between such factors and task complexity are sparse and, in pediatric populations, non-existent. The purpose is twofold. We will continue to study the interaction between children’s comprehension and learning, surrounding noise, room acoustics, and aspects of teacher’s body communication (voice and mimics). We will also implement novel and informed teacher training modules into teachers’ practice and formal teacher education.