How can knowledge of the mind and brain contribute to our understanding of human culture and social behaviour, and how can we use the products of culture and the nature of social interaction to understand how the mind and brain develop, learn, remember, and create?

Several CCL-members, Marianne Gullberg (chair), Magnus Lindgren, and Mikael Johansson organized and hosted a Wallenberg Network Initiative Conference entitled Culture, brain, learning in Lund Nov. 19-21 tackling this key question.

The Wallenberg Network Initiative (PI Sven Strömqvist and H. Craig Heller) links Stanford, Umeå and Lund Universities. This conference was the third in a series, generously funded by the Peter Wallenberg Foundation, and gathered some 60 scholars from the humanities, social sciences, neuroscience, and education. The conference was moderated by Mo Costandi, neuroscientist and  science writer for the Guardian.

Photo: Maja Petersson. Panel discussion from Turning Torso, Malmö, on the last day.