To mark the 80th birthday of Adam Kendon, one of the founding fathers of contemporary gesture studies, Marianne Gullberg and Mandana Seyfeddinipur have edited a new book in his honour, From gesture in conversation to visible action as utterance. Essays in honour of Adam Kendon, published by Benjamins.

Language use is fundamentally multimodal. Speakers use their hands to point to locations, to represent content and to comment on ongoing talk; they position their bodies to show their orientation and stance in interaction; they use facial displays to comment on what is being said; and they engage in mutual gaze to establish intersubjectivity. This volume brings together studies by leading scholars from several fields on gaze and facial displays, on the relationship between gestures, sign, and language, on pointing and other conventionalized forms of manual expression, on gestures and language evolution, and on gestures in child development. The papers in this collection honor Adam Kendon whose pioneering work has laid the theoretical and methodological foundations for contemporary studies of multimodality, gestures, and utterance visible action.

Adam Kendon was presented with the book at the recent 6th Conference of the International Society for Gesture Studies, San Diego.

photo: Mats Andrén

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