The Linnaeus environment CCL had the pleasure of hosting Professor Eve V. Clark, Professor of Linguistics and Richard W. Lyman Professor of Humanities at Stanford University. Eve Clark is one of the world’s leading experts on child language acquisition, focusing in particular on the acquisition of meaning. Her book First Language Acquisition, published by Cambridge University Press in several editions, is now a standard textbook on the topic. Prof. Clark inaugurated the CCL autumn seminar series (and the new LUX building!) with a very well-attended talk entitled Language is Acquired in Interaction.

Room B237 was filled to the last seat!

Abstract:  In this talk, I look at what children need in order to acquire a (first) language,
namely exposure to the language, feedback on whatever they ‘try out’ during
acquisition, and practice in understanding and speaking.  In particular, I show
how adult strategies for communicating with children afford them exposure,
feedback, and practice.

Read more about Eve V. Clark on her website