April 11-12 it is time for the yearly event Humanistdagarna “Humanities and Theology days”. As usual, several of our CCL researchers contribute to the event with their talks, this time on the theme “Truths”, “Sanningar“. All talks below are at the Centre for Languages and Literature, and are presented in Swedish.

Friday April 11

Lecture hall (Hörsalen)

10.00-10.25    Merle Horne: “The truth is….that the brain grows when learning a new language!”

13.15-13.40     Jana Holsanova. “Does the interpreter – through audio description – convey the true picture to the blind?”

In room H140:

10.00-10.25    Richard Andersson: “A truth about lip reading”

10.45-11.10      Susan Sayehli: “The truth is in the detail – ERP data in language studies”

Saturday April 12

Lecture Hall

12.00-13.00     The 2014 Rausing lecture by Marianne Gullberg: “Can you learn Chinese as an adult? Truths and misconceptions about adult language learning”