This Tuesday’s CCL seminar was given by Dr. Catherine Preston and was entitled “Beyond the Illusion: Theoretical and Clinical Implications for Multisensory Body Illusions”. We in CCL would like to thank Catherine for a very interesting (and fun!) presentation. Catherine is a Marie Curie EU research Fellow at Karolinska Institute, Department of Neuroscience. She works with Embodiment (agency attribution), Motor Control, and Multi-sensory Processing, in both clinical and non-clinical populations. Some of her work attracted media attention over the last couple of years, specifically a potential therapy for alleviating rheumatism, with the use of a visual-haptic illusion. If you are interested you can check out her work here:

Below is a sample of Catherine’s publications:

  1. Preston C, Newport R, (2012). How long is your arm? Using multisensory illusions to modify body image from the third person perspective Perception 41(2) 247 – 249
  2. Preston, C & Newport, R (2011). Evidence for dissociable representations for body image and body schema from a patient with visual neglect. Neurocase. 17(6), 473-479.
  3. Preston, C & Newport, R (2011). Differential effects of perceived hand location on the disruption of embodiment by apparent physical encroachment of the limb. Cognitive Neuroscience. 2(3-4), 163-170.