On October 18th Olof Sandgren successfully defended his thesis “There’s more to the picture than meets the ear – gaze behavior during communication in children with hearing impairment”.

Faculty opponent:

Dr. Courtenay Norbury, Royal Holloway, University of London

Examining committee:

Mikael Roll, Department of Linguistics, Lund University

Mikael Heimann, Developmental psychology, Linköping University

Roland Rydell, Logopedics, phoniatrics and audiology, Lund University

Olof Sandgren with Dr. Courtenay Norbury, both a bit nervous, before the defence.

Relaxed and cheerful at Olof's party!

Emily Grenner and Ketty Holmgren putting the eyetracking gear (to the left) and mock gear (to the right) to good use at Olof’s party!