Annika Andersson, Susan Sayelhi, Jana Holsanova and Victoria Johansson, ready to dazzle!

The room was filled to the brink with an audience from all over the world when Germund Hesslow, Peter Gärdenfors, Birgitta Sahlén and Jana Holsanova presented along this year’s theme What’s next in CCL’s research; How to better communicate with robots, how to improve the learning environment in our classrooms focussing on teachers’ voice, and how we can train and improve our ability our interpretation of pictures through mental imagery.

Annika Andersson, Susan Sayelhi, Emily Grenner, Victoria Johansson and Susanne Schötz presented their research in an exhibition where the audience could try on the EEG-cap, try keystroke logging and talk to the researchers.

Peter explains how man's gaze is easier to follow than the ape's because of the white of the eye.

Birgitta explains how the teacher's voice plays an important role in children's learning process

Christian Balkenius presenting the Humanoid robot

Victoria Johansson in the middle, explaining keyboard logging