Martine Braaksma (sitting, to the left) visited the project group Öka skrivlusten! in February. Upper left corner: Viktoria Åkerlund, Lena Asker-Árnason, Joost van de Weijer, Birgitta Sahlén, Victoria Johansson. Sitting (left): Martine Braaksma, Emily Grenner.

CCL was visited by the Dutch researcher Martine Braaksma who gave a seminar with the title “Observation of peers in learning to write”. Martine is an assistant professor at the Research Institute of Child Development and Education. She has studied children learning to write hypertext, with methods including observational learning and writing processes.

In addition to give the seminar, Martine spent two intense days with the project group Öka skrivlusten! Keystroke logging and peer observation.